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Leanlog Solutions Group becomes MG-Tech Handling




Leanlog Solutions Group becomes MG-Tech Handling 


Leanlog Solutions Group was taken over by the MG-Tech Group on December 20, 2018. This takeover will offer our customers and future customers innovative solutions as part of an evolution and innovation process. 


The Leanlog Solutions Group is composed of 4 structures: 

  • Optimus Robotics: develops solutions for moving rolling loads, pusher tractors and AGVs for manufacturers. 
  • SAV-Réso: offers connected maintenance, including the Need & Use concept, which is labelled Vitrine de l'Industrie du Futur. 
  • Leanlog Solutions: is in charge of the marketing of Optimus Robotics. 
  • KLS Industrie: production site for mechanical parts and sheet metal. 


Propose ever more innovative solutions 

Sensitive to changes in the market and the needs of its customers, the Group aims to offer solutions that are increasingly flexible, scalable, ergonomic and easy to use. Thus, we believe in the development of services and products related to Industry 4.0 and the Factory of the Future. The acquisition of the Leanlog Solutions Group will provide additional skills to drive this growth. 


A service specially dedicated to customers

This acquisition is a new step in the Leanlog Solutions Group's development process. The fifty technicians spread over the national territory are now specially dedicated to our customers. They ensure an impeccable quality of service for the maintenance and improvement of our equipment. 


A common ambition 

The takeover of the Leanlog Solutions Group by the MG-Tech Group is also a human story. Men and women who put customer satisfaction at the heart of their daily work. Men and women who believe in reducing strenuousness in the workplace and who are working to find solutions to reduce MSDs. They are also proud to promote French Industry through the FrenchFab. 


MG-Tech, a family and independent group

Created in 2004, MG-Tech is a French industrial group with a turnover of 28 million euros. It is composed of 3 production sites: ID Pack which consists of standardised ranges of case erectors, case packers and palletisers. MG-Tech Angers offers wrap case packers and American cases, cartoners, sheaths and headbands, palletisers and develops its own robots. MG-Tech La Chapelle offers conveyor and transitical solutions: elevators, elevators, elevators, stackers and ergonomic workstations. As an active player in the FrenchFab, the MG-Tech Group produces its added value in France. It supports its customers in the study, design and production of solutions for the end of packaging lines. Then ensures the maintenance and evolution of its customers' equipment. 


"This takeover will enable us to acquire new skills that are in line with our factory vision of the future and our ambition to offer a 4.0 offer. This will enable us to offer our customers global solutions." Eric Gautier and Philippe Robart, Leaders of MG-Tech.